Did Your Landlord Protect Your Tenancy Deposit?..

If Not, You May Be Entitled To Compensation!

tenancy deposit claim
deposit claim
tenancy deposit claim
tenancy deposit claim

How It Works

By law, your landlord is required to protect your deposit within 30 days of them receiving it. This is to stop landlords from using the deposit as their own income and to ensure that the deposit is protected when your tenancy is over. They can do this any of the three government protection schemes – The Deposit Protection Service, The Tenancy Deposit Scheme or MyDeposits.

If they fail to protect your tenancy deposit, they are liable to a penalty of between 1-3 times the amount of the deposit paid. This amount will also be in relation to each breach of this law – if you have renewed your tenancy agreement and there is more than one breach, the penalty could be much larger. 

Even if your landlord failed to inform where your deposit was registered within 30 days, you may be entitled to compensation.

Here at Tenancy Deposit Claims, our experts can quickly tell you whether you have a claim for compensation against your landlord. We work on a No Win, No Fee basis, and can begin your claim within a few hours.

Why Choose Us

Tenancy Deposit Claims have a team of experts that can guide you through your claim, from start to finish. We can check to see if your tenancy deposit has been protected, and if it hasn’t, we can pursue your landlord for compensation.

There is no upfront cost to you for making an enquiry with us and our team work on a No Win, No Fee basis, meaning if your claim isn’t upheld there is no cost to you at all.

At Tenancy Deposit Claims, we don’t treat your case like a number like many other claims management companies do. We listen to your complaint and assign you a personal case handler who you will have direct contact with.

How Much Could I Claim?

Compensation for tenancy deposit claims range from 1-3 times your initial deposit. This also includes if there were multiple breaches during the whole stay.

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