The Two Types of Tenancy Deposit Schemes

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What is the difference between an insured deposit scheme and a custodial deposit scheme? Read what our experts have to say. When renting a property, it is standard practice to pay a deposit – usually the equivalent of a month’s rent – upfront.  You will pay this deposit to the letting agent or the landlord […]

Tenants are falling victim to a new deposit fraud

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Fraudsters are pretending to be landlords who ask for deposits up-front.  Unfortunately for many in the UK, renting is becoming increasingly expensive. Zoopla reports that at the end of 2019, the average cost of rent increased by 2.6% – the highest growth rate in 3 years.  Upon applying to rent a house, it is now industry […]

Poor Communication to blame for nearly a third of Tenancy Deposit Disputes

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A recent report into tenancy disputes with landlords highlights how good communication is key in solving most issues.  Figures show that 30% of disputes between tenants and landlords are in relation to not returning their deposit, and not receiving any communication or explanation as to why they were not getting their money back.  Poor communication […]

What tenants want!

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We asked over one hundred tenants what changes they would like to see the new Government introduce to offer them better levels of protection. The results were fascinating and thought-provoking. Here are the five most popular answers and our analysis as to whether they are plausible. Introduce rent caps The most popular suggestion in all […]

What is a Tenancy Deposit Scheme and how does it work?

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This simple guide tells you all you need to know about tenancy deposits and how your landlord should be protecting them.  The latest figures show that a staggering 4.5 million Brits are renting their home privately, and the trend is growing. It is becoming more important for those who do rent privately to be aware […]

Landlords under fire for treating students like “dumb kids”

Student tenancy help

A report by the BBC has shed light on unfair landlords who target students with tenancy deposit deductions.  The BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme has exposed the often unfair practices some rogue landlords use on students in relation to their tenancy deposit.  Various students and student bodies were interviewed on the programme, where they discussed unfair […]

Rise in Tenancy Deposit Disputes being settled before adjudication

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Good news for tenants up and down the country who are afraid to challenge their landlord, as tenancy deposit disputes are being resolved by agreement without the need to go to a third-party adjudicator. Figures from the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) and its sister organisations, TDS Northern Ireland and SafeDeposits Scotland, show a welcome move […]